Know more about me


1. What is your full name?� Nitesh Gautam
2. When is your birthday? *secret*
3. What is your sex? Male
4. Do you have siblings? 1 brother
5. Who do you live with? Mates
6. Are you single? Yes
7. Do you have pets? Never
8. What is your hometown? Hoshiarpur
9. Where do you live now? Gurgaon

10.� What is your favourite…Colour? Black
11. Day? Sunday 😛
12. Month? March
13. Season? Spring
14. Animal? I like them at zoo 🙂
15. Flower? Roses and Jasmine 😀
16. TV Show? Friends, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Lo Kal Lo Baat
17. Movie? Fiction, Action, Comedy, Romance
18. Commercial on TV? Minto Fresh and Chloremint:P
19. Song? Desert Rose and Kal Ho Na Ho
20. Food? Fast Food [specially Pizzas] and Punjabi Food
21. Disney Character? Micky Mouse
22. Cartoon Character? Dexter
23. Non-alcoholic drink? Fruit Juice and Mother Dairy’s flavoured milk
24. Alcoholic drink? Donno…never tasted
25. Kind of dessert? Ice-Cream (yummmmmmmm)
26. Restaurant? Pind Bluchi
27. Store? Metro Mall

Part 3 – If you could…
28. Go anywhere in the world where would you go? Europe 8)
29. Talk to anybody dead or alive who would you choose? GrandPa
30. Do anything you wanted to what would you do? Thats secret 🙄
31. Change one thing about the world what would you change? Hatred
32. Have one superpower, what would it be? Perfect human
33. Change one thing about your past what would u change? Never wanted to loose my loved ones

Part 4 – What is your least favourite…
34. Colour? Shiny light green (yep I know it is rare but see latest Windows Live Messenger 8.0 BETA)
35. Day? Monday
36. Month? July, November and December
37. Season? Summer
38. Animal? Dogs (if you don’t, try to drive bike in mid-night through you street):evil:
39. Flower? Sun flower (it smells yakkkk)
40. TV Show? Sas-Bahu sagas:!:
41. Movie? Chingari and Main Hoon Na (good actors doing cheap things) 🙁
42. Commercial on TV? Dew ad (that one copy of Aish’s Coke Ad)
43. Song? All those sung by Himesh Reshammiya 😈
44. Food? non-veg (I dont eat)
45. Disney Character? none
46. Cartoon Character? Johny Bravo:mrgreen:
47. Non-alcoholic drink? Anwla juice and Kronji (donno if spelled right)
48. Alcoholic drink? Donno…never tasted
49. dessert? nooooooone
50. Restaurant? none (you get to eat delicious things mannnnn)
51. Store? none

Part 5 – If you\’re a girl fill this part in (guys skip to part 6)
52. What do you look for in a guy?
53. Long or short hair?
54. Book smart or jock smart?
55. Tall or short?
56. Big or little muscles?
57. Sweet/sensitive or Sweet/tough?

Part 6 – If you\’re a guy fill this part in (girls skip to part 7)
58. Tall or short? Any:D
59. Beauty or brains? Both:P
60. What do you look for in a girl? Everything;)
61. Long or short hair? Any:P
62. Curly or straight? Any:P
63. Sweet or butch? Sweet

Part 7 – The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear….
64. Farm – House
65. Zoo – Giraffe
66. Red – Attractive
67. Bug – Bugzilla/RADAR
68. Punk – Fire
69. Ralph – Bully
70. Glue – Paper
71. Mouse – Micky
72. Fire – Heat
73. Life – Enjoy
74. Phone – 😉

Part 8 – In the next 10 years do you see yourself…
75. With a job? Yup:)
76. Married? Donno…will wait till found special ONE:roll:
77. With kids? Depends on 76 😕
78. In a different town from the one you’re in now? Probably:roll:
79. With a pet? Perhaps…only if she liked:roll:
80. With a lot, or a little money? Enough
81. In your own house? Definitely
82. Happy? Yes…I believe in HIM
83. Still friends with the friends you have now? Yes, Of Course

Part 9 – What is your favourite memory of…
84. Elementary school? Science Study
85. Highschool? Pranks
86. College? Funnnnnnnnnnnnnn
87. University? Bunks and Lab
88. Prom? Parichay
89. New Years? 2006 (I am going to succeed in evthing as I won among WE 7) 😛
90. St. Patricks day? Holi 😉
91. Christmas? Forum, 2005 😀
92. Halloween? Diwali 🙂
93. Summer? Vacations

Part 10 – Would you rather be…
94. Hot or cold? Hot 😆
95. Tired or wired? Wired
96. Hungry or full? Full
97. Tall or small? Medium
98. A lion or a tiger? Tiger
99. Canadian or American? Indian

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