Delicious Dinner

This post is meant for all those guys who love cooking for a change but don’t know much about it. It is for them who want to do minimum cooking to make yummy dishes while having fun.

So it is the incident of yesterday.

Woke up in afternoon – cudnt see when morning passed πŸ™‚

Didn’t feel much hunger, perhaps bcoz I had roamed under sun at 12 in summer of June, and therefore, my maid hadn’t much to work about as I was the only creature in my home at that time. So she just made tea for me and also fried some pakoras. I slept for another shift after eating them as I hadn’t anything to do. Woke up at 1400. It was too hot outside and inside, it was sweet winter – thanks to these machines :roll:. In next 20-30 mins, again started feeling bored, and therefore switched TV on. Started hearing latest movie songs and watching the trailers while switching thro the channels – remote is the next best thing made on this earth. M TV, Channel V (not V Channel πŸ˜‰ ), ETC, ETC Punjabi, B4U, name the music and I have the channels. And if all are showing the ads, FTv is there for your rescue, guys πŸ˜€ plus these sports channel – I have – ESPN, Star Sports & Ten Sports but all were showing old matches – live was going to come in eve. So after I got over with TV, though of doing some outing at around 1500, went to office and then to a friend’s home. Came back by 1930. By then, I had started feeling something wrong inside my stomach. But thought of resting for sometime and switched back the TV. French open was going on. It was fun to see Spanish Rafael Nadal beating Swiss Roger Federer by 1-6 6-1 6-4 7-6(4) to save his title in this long game – thank God, I wasn’t there from very start of game. And here is an interesting fact –

Federer has lost only four of the 48 matches he has played so far in 2006. And who was the man to beat him on all four occasions? Rafael Nadal, of course!

But still Federer continue to be World No. 1.

By the time, final was over, I came to know the cause of disturbance inside my stomach – I was hungry, very hungry and I started looking for something to eat in kitchen. Maid hadn’t come today and it didnt seem that she will come now (it was 2130) – she didnt want to feed this lonely poor soul in this big house. So after about a month, there was a chance to reproach her – I thought. Now what to do…what to do and I was dying of hunger. Sat again and started thinking and when I found it irresistable, ran to kitchen, started searching something to eat.

And first thing to come into my sight was – Maggi, the great. It is the Atta Maggi which is tastier than the Torn up the packet and put water over gas. I felt like cooking and wanted to do some customization :idea:. So I started peeling tomato and onion – the ingredients missing in Maggi to make it a tasty meal. Then there were pakoras (all thanks goes to the maid), so I put them also into water. There were 2 packets of Maggi masala – what else wud I need, I thought. And in next 5 mins, it was ready to eat – it smelled yummmmmmmmyyyyyy. Brought Sauce and sat before tv. Just imagine, how does it feel, watching 3 matches- Cricket (India Vs WI), Soccer (Mex Vx Irn) and French Open final highlights (Federer Vs Nadal), in winter (yes it was winter inside ;)) and eating hotttt yummy meal. And that too when all are interesting. In Cricket, Sehwag (180), Rahul Dravid (146) & Kaif (148) washed WI attack (in WI Vs India) – India declared at 588/8! In Soccer, it was mexican Bravo to make a fantastic header pass paving the way for first goal of the match, then reply from Iran. And then another 2 goals in 2nd half. It was such a sizzling match and the occassion was not less than a party 8). And by the time, match was going to over, my luscious food was also over. And now I had started feeling sleepy – it was 2330 in my watch.

I got reminded of the soccer played in univ. during grad. Those were the days of 1st year when no one had to motivate us and we were there in ground in night playing soccer. Preetkamal Singh Brar – the muscle man, was also part of us sometimes. Then there was match against seniors – where there was nothing else than anarchy and Rathore (the best player) kept shouting throughout the match – it is not fare, it is foul blah blah and no body cared about it. There was a moment when 2 senors buckled Rathore and wasn’t made to move at all :twisted:. Then the last year when we changed ground but not the players – still matches were being played in night :P.

Lost in these thoughts, I slept down.

Closing sentence?


She (not she) will be lucky to taste my scrumptious dishes. lol πŸ˜†

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