Install WorldSpace FM Radio on your PC…

Here are the instruction for listening ot online channels – I am having list of hindi and punjabi FM channels right now.

– Create a folder FM on your desktop
– Right click on the file”FMRadio.doc” and click save as
– Save the file”FMRadio.doc” as” FMRadio.exe” in FM folder
– Copy the Stations.txt in the same folder

– Now double click on the exe file.
Listen to excellent radio channels sitting at your desk…Enjoy

8 thoughts on “Install WorldSpace FM Radio on your PC…”

  1. Hi Nitesh, i am not able to get any chanels list only one is there and even it is not working, can you let me know the correct Channel.

  2. Hi… Munish you need to opern that Stations.txt file and edit it like this one i’m showing you an example…i can listen to all channels.
    you have to leave one blank line between each station URL

    RadioTarana-NewZealand ==> mms://


    HUMFM – UAE ==>

    RadioOfIndia – Bollywood ==>

    RadioOfIndia – Bhajans ==>

    RadioOfIndia – Classical ==>

  3. Hi

    I had done all as per instructions , I am using Windows XP, I am not able to play any radio as its shows connecting and after that ready on clicking of play button again connecting, pl. let me know if any other seetings.


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