What about change?

I have been posting on this blog for more than 4 months and have been reading other blogs also. In that way, I have been through other blog websites also.

In that way, I have found Blogger to be a website which provides you nice platform to start with blogging but when you start looking for more features, you find blogger.com as a blogging website with very limited wares. If you want to categorize your postings, you have to start an entire blog for that as I had to for 4 different types of posts. One has to solely depend on the blogger.com for keeping the data safe and even if one wants to take backup, it cant be done as there blogger.com doesnt provide this functionality. You cant change time stamp for your posts.

There are other features also which I have been expecting for long time but none of them appeared…like spell check, blog stats etc. One cant add different gadgets developed by independent developers to enhance the Blog. So I have started making mind of changing my blogging platform to a better place – WordPress where all mentioned functionalities exist.

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