It is Weekend! Yo!!

And Anuj is back. So it is party time. We had a celebration yesterday also.

Our batch here in NCR region is gonna meet this weekend – Rajan, KT, Inus, Binu, Almitra and texas.

And we 3 punters are also going to add a air cooler, inverter and a pump for water supply in our home sweet home accessories.

Vooooooooof, gonna busy weekend.

I have not been blogging frequent because I have been busy in finding couple of things in mean time in order to enhance and organize blogging…wud write soo about it!

For time being, soon you will see technoarti tags alongwith my posts.

Have a nice weekend!

One thought on “It is Weekend! Yo!!”

  1. Have a good weekend too! 🙂

    We had a long weekend in Singapore – Friday (yesterday) was Vesak Day, which was a public holiday. I look forward to some rest today since it’s raining. 😛

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