Karunanidhi is the next CM in TN

The DMK office in Chennai went phrenetic from yesterday when the numbers started showing the results in favor of clear win for DMK. DMK led Democratic Progressive front is running far ahead of its chief rival – AIADMK, which is present ruling party. DMK has already gained lead in 102 out of total 169 seats. Here is the distribution –

DMK – leading on 63 seats
Congress – leading on 21 seats
CPI-M – leading on 8 seats
PMK – leading on 7 seats
CPI – leading on 3 seats

AIADMK – leading on 60 seats
MDMK – leading on 5 seats
DPI – leading on 2 seats

The history of elections at Tamilnadu says that the elections have always been cyclic process for local parties where everytime other than ruling party comes into force – what does that mean? There havent come a political party, which can win the confidence of ppl in Tamilnadu?

Karunanidhi looks set to be CM in TN

No surprises in Tamil Nadu as Karunanidhi looks set for his fifth term as chief minister.

The DMK-led Democratic Progressive front is well ahead of the ruling AIADMK-led combine, gaining a lead in 102 of the 169 seats.

The AIADMK front was leading in 67 seats.

Significantly, the DPA constituent PMK was not doing well in its stronghold of north Tamil Nadu, giving solace to the AIADMK. Most of the AIADMK’s leads were from this part of the state. Most of the gains of the DMK were from the AIADMK’s stronghold of southern Tamil Nadu.

In the crucial southern state, winning 118 seats gives a shot at forming government. The DMK, if it forms government will lead a coalition as the party is only contesting 129 seats.

Often described as a recurring Duryodhana-Dushasan tale, the AIADMK chief looks set to demit office after having fought hard to stave off the DMK. So 83-year-old Karunanidhi, known as Kalaignar, may get a chance to exact revenge for the humiliating arrest that Jayalalithaa had subjected him to in 2001.

The big winner in this case could well be Stalin, Karunanidhi’s son and the path to heading the DMK and the chief ministership may now be a matter of time.

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