New Album of Euphoria – Mehfuz

Euphoria has always been one of my favorite bands. I like their many of their songs specially Maeri and Dhoom Pichak Doom.

This is their latest album – Mehfuz.

I was listening to one of this album’s songs – Bewafa. It has such a nice lyrics.

The person is shown to be soo frustrated…it is extreme when he says –

Saat janam ka naata tha ye
Saatvan hi ho janam ye
Jaane bhi de
Jaane bhi de
Jee loon ab main zara sa

It is these extremities that I love in their songs!

But I wasnt able to register on their website 🙁 as no country was being listed after selecting the region and without selecting country, registration is not confirmed.

I have sent a mail to admin just few secs ago.

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