Table Tennis & Myself

There have been very few games which attracted me like anything and one of them is Table Tennis(TT). I started it when I had started my grad. in 2000. And since then, I cud never leave it or in other words, it never let me as wherever I went, I found table to play.

I was crazy about TT during B.Tech. Used to play TT all the time whenever I cud. Whether it was lunch break or after 17.00 when our classes used to get over. And there was no time limit, it cud be for 2 hours, 5 hours or even 10 hours. Many times, I played till 02.00 and sometimes till 05.00. The very first day when I had taken TT racket in my hand, I was there in TT room till 05.00 with Virdi and Narang. I enjoyed playing TT with Kiran (concentration), Kansal (crazy pick ups), Texas (too formal), Swap (funny), Mann (funny), Bir (crazy), Rathore (expert), Dhillon (ace service) and Virdi (strategic) among my batchmates. There was a great player among us – Bhan. He always played shots in air and I always loved playing with him bcoz I kept laughing for as much time as much I played with him. Others that I liked to play with included Mohit Arora, one surdy & his partner from Physics deptt. – they both were the champs. I never saw anyone defeting them. Surdy was just fantastic in TT.

Later Rock was my opponent for most of the times. I played maximum games with him.

During my final semester training, I was in some MTNL project and there also, I found a TT table when we were coming out of a meeting in other building and then, again, I started playing it for long hours.

In BLR, at our residence in GRC Comforts, there was a TT room. There I liked playing with Vaibhav Bhandari and Manuj Bhardwaj. Vaibhav still asks me sometimes if continue playing TT and my answer is yes.

During my training at Infy, Mysore, we had number of TT tables in sports room and there I used to play with Bir and Abhishek Kumar (Abhi) aka Ravi. Bir is my batchmate and we used to play lot of TT in college also.

And now here in CE, we have a temporary TT room at 2nd floor till building work starts there. I play TT almost evday for some time after the lunch. Here also, there are some champs like Tejinder and Abhishek Verma. It is fun playing with them.

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