Dr. Rajkumar’s death and Bangalore

Dr. Rajkumar, the vetran Kannada actor died on April 12. He was 78 years old.

Quite few celebrities came forward to express their grief which is quite expected. Karnataka govt. went against its policy of not declaring state holidays following deaths and announced one as state holiday without any session of assembly.

After his death, his so called fans came out on roads and started making shopkeepers close their shops forcibly. There was a situation like riots in Bangalore where people were being made to put down shutters in order to show their respect for this actor. And on TV it was shown that these shopkeepers closed their shops voluntarily.
Few of these fans or better call them Mawalis, burnt vehicles including those of police, hospitals and TV reportes showed that as a way to express grief by Rajkumar’s fans.

And then above that loss, holiday was declared. No one cares about the loss that happened in keeping one day close in this metro city.

Here people have to make their grief noticed, by burning things, specially public property, what we pay for.

Five die in riots as thousands are turned away from actor’s funeral

UK firms that have outsourced IT or business process functions to the Indian city of Bangalore experienced disruption yesterday after the death of a local film star, Rajkumar, sparked “civil unrest”.

Software and services firms based in the city, including Infosys and Wipro, joined the local government in shutting up shop to avoid the riots and have also declared a holiday for today. Meanwhile, reports claimed windows were broken at a Microsoft office near the actor’s home.

Bloomberg newswires reported that fans burned tires and overturned vehicles as they demanded that Rajkumar be awarded the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honor.

The disruption forced at least one UK ISP, Be, to email customers yesterday informing them that their call centre service would be affected.

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