Search Internet without net connection

Yes this is possible and it is made possible by an Indian techie – Rakesh Mathur, in Sillicon Valley in collaboration with his fellows – Bradley Husick and Beerud Sheth.

The data from net is cached and provided to end user in form of s/w on his laptop.
User can search this DB to get relevant info in various fields like geographical sites and news.

Acer has already started providing this.

Cache this: Now surf without the Net

You can now browse and search the net on your laptop computers and hand-held devices ā€” without an Internet connection. A brand new software developed by a Silicon Valley start-up, co-founded by Indian tech star Rakesh Mathur, makes that possible. What more, the service comes free.

Webaroo, the venture floated by Mathur along with fellow computer hotshots Bradley Husick and Beerud Sheth, formally launched the “Searchable, Offline Web” on Monday.

The Indian face of Webaroo is not restricted to Mathur and Sheth, both from IIT Bombay. Much of the work on the new software has been done by 50-odd software developers and mathematicians in India. The company has its offices in Seattle, Santa Clara, Mumbai and Delhi.

The Webaroo software features “web packs” on a variety of subjects such as news, sports and major global cities, including New York, London and Mumbai ā€” each of which contains thousands of relevant web pages identified by its innovative algorithms. The company has tied up with computer maker Acer to bundle the new software on its laptop.

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