Rapist cop given improsinment for 12 years…why not death?

My question is – why he was not sentenced to be hanged till death?

Why only 12 years for raping an innocent girl.

One more example of Gunda…sorry Police Raaj in our country which fortunately (or unfortunately?) got light and coverage.

Is it the moderan India – the India of our dreams? How can we be so ignorant to choose irresponsible ministers which then appoint such beasts over those posts which are ment to protect us…and ultimately we are the victims.

Although India is awakening but I worry, if it will be too late…

Here goes some paper clips.

After reading them, you will ask the same question.

April 28, 2005: So a cop rapes a girl, who was with a boy after driving him away after threatening him with arrest. He is drunk, and when people force the door of the chowki open after he raped her for close to 40 minutes, he comes outside zipping up his pants and declaring “jo ukhad sakte ho, ukhad lo.” He is beaten up, and later arrested. Curiously, he is not killed.

April 3, 2006: A sessions judge on Monday sentenced dismissed 35-year-old police constable Sunil More to 12 years’ rigorous imprisonment, holding him guilty of raping a minor in the Marine Drive police chowki on April 21 last year.
Relying largely on the in-camera deposition of the 16-year-old college student, the judge held the former cop guilty of rape, wrongful confinement and criminal intimidation.

“Considering the victim’s statement, I have come to the conclusion that More is guilty of raping her. A 12-year sentence is sufficient since he has been dismissed from service & has dependents”


“More should be given life sentence as a deterrent and retributive sentence for the heinous crime on a virgin girl. I strongly recommend appeal against the inadequate sentence”

“If you’re sending me to jail for 12 years, hang me instead. I’m innocent. I don’t want to live in this biased society. I’m a victim of politics, media and public pressure”
— SUNIL MORE Police rounded up girl, friend for ‘indecent behaviour’

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