The discrimination in India

On Wed., Ashish Jha, who sits diagonally opposite to my seat in cubicle was missing till afternoon. Shikha told the reason that lands are being auctioned – only to IITians and she was asking others if someone from IIT, he can go for that.

This was first time for me that I was evidencing educational level discrimination and I was shocked. Till now, I was thinking that only caste and area based secernment is sucking this country’s life and making it lifeless but now here is another form of it and it is going to prove the most dangerous, if it continues. I can feel this as I have started feeling jealous of IITians…have I committed a mistake by not doing engg. from IIT.

Why, these discriminations????????????? Why then we boast of this country as self dependent and developed one????????? Caste based reservation was there for first 10 years according to our constitution, which never ended even when there are many from that category which have risen more than other general category ppl and they are enjoying the lustful life. Then why such discrimination. A son of a poor pundit (who worships in a temple at Varanasi) has to struggle harder than anyone else in order to soar high in life whereas a son of a reserved category or minority officer (who himself is already employed in a govt. firm) easily steps up in life on the basis of reservation provided to his caste. You can find millions of such examples in this country and I am afraid that one day this country will burst into the valcano of revenge and hate.

I am not criticizing the reservation or reserved classes but my concern is about the development of this country. Arent minorities having loss while stepping up easily on govt. corporate ladders. And isnt country having loss of having reservation in govt. sector? Day by day, govt. sectors are going into more and more loss and ultimately ending up in getting privatized.

May God, this country and its government realize the loss incured because of reservations as soon as it can happen.

Veer Bhogye Vasundhra

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