A trip to home

I am feeling the relive you feel for regular voyages to hometown…and the excitement in life brought by them.

I was at home on this weekend and I enjoyed it the most…For once you feel like you aren’t having anything to do rest of the world except your dear ones around you.

And for me, it is always exciting journey to home…specially while travelling back from home to Gurgaon. It has always turned up as a surprise to me…every time, whenever I was returning to Gurgaon. Be it meeting some relatives in train, meeting an old friend who was your college mate…6 years ago. And this time, I met 2 guys – Vinod and Sameer, BHU pass-outs, working in an Agri MNC in Delhi. It was their initiative of taking ___ (as they pronounced … hum to lete hain :D) and my prompt-responsiveness (as they told me) which made us familiar with each other at first instance…soon we were sharing more about us…and there turned out to be some relation of a guy – Vinod, with Infy. And then there were more discussions about weather it is a push-back for a guy from non-comp Sc bg when he joined a s/w firm or it is the risk taken by firm to employ such a guy but it turns out to be + – + situation for both ultimately…no one goes in loss. He was concerned about one of his loved one and I was surprised how soon we had opened up to each other. He was happy to discuss all this and know more about our field and I was, as always, happy to share my exp in s/w industry (IT industry as he referred)…so far. Anyway, there was another surprise waiting for me in morning at station when I had just departed from these 2 guys when I heard a soft voice calling my name from back – it was Harprit – she was my college mate in 2000 in HSP and it was pleasant surprise for me to see her there. As we hail from same place, I knew something about her that she is is working with Satyam and these days at Gurgaon working at client’s site. But it was totally unexpected meet and I was wondered. She told me that she had noticed me at Hoshiarpur railway station but got to meet here only. And rest of the journey to Gurgaon was like a dream…didn’t know when reached discussing about our whereabouts and all. She is going to switch next month and has already resigned…will be moving to Noida then but it was a great time to meet her.

So it was my latest astonishment…and that’s why I love travel…specially when you get to meet so many good people about whom you never dream of.

Now I am back at work…I was thinking that it had been long time since I wrote in detail about my personal stuff and all…one of the major reasons for starting blogging…to keep writing about happenings in my life (thanks to texas for all in this section) with another important parts of my life in form of categories existing on right side…including tech. So, here it goes. I want to discuss more about my mates, my tutors and all…as I have started it too late…after 23 valuable years of my life! Not to worry, there s much left in personal stock :MD
And at workplace, I have noticed this cute looking in a pot in just front of my seat, visible over the top of my PUNEET…feeling like green 😛

One more surprise is about to happen in my life but I think it will be too early to disclose but it is going to be a lifetime occurrence which can change me and myself.

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