Interface is changed @ Orkut

Javascript has come into action @ Orkut.

Previously, whenever one wanted to view different profiles of users – Social/Professional/Personal, every time a different JSP used to load consuming fraction of time but today I noticed that on clicking on different profiles, JSP is not loaded every time but while loading first profile, data for all the profiles is gathered and when you click on next profile link, javascript function is invoked to display already stored information rather than loading the JSP all over again. There are many other changes made in a day without taking server down including…now, you won’t be able to see the date on which a testimonial was written – I was thinking since morning :Mo that there seems to be some change in display and finally, I figured it out 🙂

And there is part of unused space at left side – I never saw Google leaving even a single pixel on its services without any purpose :roll:…perhaps for upcoming text ads as previously there used to be one single graphics ad placed in this space.

None of above changes are reported under news section of orkut where last post is dated 21/04/2006 about number of profile views.
I had started feeling too much low today as I was trying to think too much at one time, and what I did to relax up, drank 2 cups of coffee with some stuff to eat, roamed around in building, talked to very few ppl (when it is only Ashwin Luthra, you don’t need anyone else), then played with multimedia (it helps a lot when you have so many photos), and everything was at its place. No worries. This world is such a good place if you see yourself as only creature in it. Play hard, play safe and play calmly – The Mantra 😀

…and on orkut, never read profiles/scraps/testimonials of Girls as they make you feel more inferior (their scraps are always more than urs – most of them are from guys asking for f’ship, profiles – they demand for moon and stars & testimonials – what ppl not do to please someone…specially guys…huh)

…noooooo I didn’t figured it out today but I told these precious words to Anish this Sunday when he was wasting too much of his time on short listing girls for f’ship :P, I gave him examples by showing profiles/scraps of girls he pointed…I was low today, bcoz, as I told, I was burdening my brain more than its capacity…perhaps bcoz of adding full info of our batch in alumni DB ;M).

Today got to conversate with 2 old mates – Texas and Gaurav Ghai. It felt good. Texas’s voice was same – formal way, donno when will he speak openly with no restrictions/barriers on out-coming sound from his neck, but still this also sounds good :D. He is moving to UK for pursuing MBA in a month or so. Congrats buddy.

Here in office, Gaurav Bansal seemed to have hired me for the typing work as whenever he has to write any kind of formal stuff, he comes to me and asks me to do this after explaining the context and I also enjoy it, truly, as I got to use my comm skills at some place…sometimes I feel that I can become a very skillful manager, the kind of skills I possess but then I feel that I want to remain more tech.

Got to talk to Kullz just few mins before. He is enjoying @ IITKGP – today is his photo session for their brochure.

Outside, atmosphere is looking cool as cool breeze is flowing, the leaves are dancing and it is getting darker. Leaving now. Bbye.

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