Desktop Tools

Ever since Google Desktop Search has been released, there has been one more dimension added in era of competition between giants for providing services at your desktop.

And after Google Desktop, Google also released other useful desktop applications like Picasa, Hello and there came other desktop tools which supported Google services like GMail Notifier, FT Scrap etc.

The rest was complimented by Vista tools called Gadgets.

And after that, there were Google Gadgets and Yahoo Gadgets – both are neck to neck – competing for betterment and those who use them, get addicted as they are so sleek and informative, sit on you desktop all the time, while aquiring very little space.

Other desktop tools which I have been using include Goowy mail notifier, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger Beta and these all have proved to be worthier than their online counterparts many times specially about notifying you about arrival of new mails/messages without you having to go to your inbox and check the same.

I am still expecting the more and more…

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