Days without water

These days, at GGN, it is heavy shortage of water in our house. We are just managing to get it for our daily needs and the main reason behind it are that the water pressure from municipality is very low and then these B****** owners here use motors to pull water. Let me tell you that using motors to pull the water is illegal.

Our immediate neighbours on both sides pull water using motors and we havent one. So u can understand what will be happening overall!

This was never been a case when I was in BLR.

Well, I will like to compare NI with SI in very basic terms the first of them is the fundamental facilities like Electricity and Water. In SI, these are in abundance and are distributed/used in very efficient manner. There govt is quite savvy in deivering & managing these resources. And in NI, one can never dream of uninterrupted supply of both of these things bcoz of 2 reasons – one that more ppl on NI are uneducated than in SI and hence this lead to anarchy. They dont care to break laws to get the things done (Police you know – needs smell of green papers…ha). Second reason is that govt has never been serious about providing these basic facilities to each level in society. You can find a 24-hour un-interrupted electricity supply line going to an IAS officer’s home but there will be other region where ppl get electricity supply for only 6-8 hours a day.

The other factor is Infrastructure – NI is much advanced in this case than SI.

I will like to see someday when both regions overcome their limitations in these domains and till then, I will be writing mail to DC of Gurgaon which he has publicly revealed in order to hear problems of his people. Lets see how effective it is. U can also write to him – dcgrag[at]hry[dot]nic[dot]in

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