Today introducing Sam as new guest author on this blog. He has got deep thoughts which make quite good sense in real world.



I just went on the shortest vacation possible to Hyderabad. The trip was “Just Like Heaven”.  Now, I am back to Hell. “Knowing” about this fact is always good but one cannot take a corrective action about it. Coz one is always a part of it. One can make any number of theories but every theory comes down to the below theory ultimately!

The Last Theory: Theory is shit!

Proof/Disproof: (cannot be proved or disproved abstractly)

For e.g.: There are two contrasting theories

1) Theory of Randomness

2) Theory of Determinism.

1) “Theory of Randomness” says that every thing that happens in this world is an accident. You have not control, whatsoever, on the happenings. The very existence of a living being is nothing but some random chemical accidents.

2) On the other hand, the “Theory of Determinism” says the exact opposite of what the theory of randomness does. I.e., everything that happens in this world is pre-planned or decided.

Now, by definition, the theory of determinism is sure about the theory of randomness as well and vice versa. That means two contrasting theories are proving each other correct. So, they are disproving their own theories (by definition). Hence any theory is just shit.

Therefore, "The Last Theory: Theory is shit!" is BULLSHIT!!


Application: Universal (can apply this theory to anything and everything in this world)


Thank you Sam for your interest.

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