Weekend with Movies

Keeping the Faith – Some relations are meant to be made but not at the cost of existing ones. There is always way connecting those new and relations  – that’s what this movie tells about.


Rating: 7/10


Chameli Ki Shaadi – Hilarious movie. Thank you for recommending it, Sunshine otherwise I might had missed this masterpiece.


Rating: 9/10


Amar Prem – Only movie which makes me think over and over and drizzle. A movie about selflessness, minimalism and love without expectations.

Couple of dialogues which can touch your soul –

Agar koi apna na ho kar bhi bohot apna ho to usse kya kehte hain…bohot payara rishta hai na!


Zindagi ke kuchh chakkar aise hote hain, jinka maza sirf vohi le sakta hai jo zindagi ka share jaan boojh kar ghaate mein khareede.

My favorite!


Rating: 9/10


The Rundown – Lot of fight and little use of brain as well.


Rating: 5/10


Bhram – The problem with both Milind Soman and Dino Moreo is that despite knowing how to act well, they do the wrong movies and this time they were together…so what can be worse.


Rating: 2/10


Coyote Ugly – Movie about changing generations, cultures and mentalities. Inspirational for young gen.


Rating: 7/10

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