Java support for Google APIs

Google had introduced support for Java language in Google App Engine which was earlier available to limited set of developers since April 7. It means that Google has opened doors for Java Developers all over the world for developing AJAX web applications using Google APIs. Here is the excerpt from announcement


HTML 5 Ushers in New Era of Web App Development at Google I/O 2009


Java Language Support in App Engine: Today Google is launching general availability of Java language support in Google App Engine, providing all developers with an end-to-end Java language solution for building AJAX web applications. An early look at Java language support in App Engine was released to a limited number of developers at Google’s April 7 Campfire One developer event, and in the last two months more than 10,000 Java language applications have been deployed on the platform. Over 80,000 applications have been built on App Engine since it was launched in April 2008.


Other new step from Google is making their applications available in form of embeddable gadgets or web elements. You can directly get the code for embedding GTalk or Spreadsheets on your website and there Google goes beautifying your website/blog while making you look geek to others!

Appreciable step from Google – once again the first in its own era.

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