Cast Your Vote

Third round of Parliament Elections in India is about to happen next week and I just wanted to post this request on my blog –


Please cast your vote


After lot of advertisements shown in media and still going on, nation-wide campaigns started by bodies like Tata Industries and Times Of India, I feel quite small to make this request but after reading about just around 50% voting in metro cities like Mumbai and capital Delhi, I feel that perhaps my words might make some difference.


I have been driving everyone in my contact to cast their vote. It is once in five years when you get a chance to correct your mistake and to find what wrong went in the government you voted for, if you give your vote. Otherwise you loose your right to find wrongs in government if you don’t vote at all.

That’s what I believe.

Feels good that if not everyone, some got driven. I am going to my hometown to give my vote on this Wednesday.


In the end, I would request you to please go through this link to find more wisdom on whom to vote


PS: Little disappointment does occur when you know that even in politics, reservation is introduced from back-door and there are seats where candidates only from reserve castes can fight elections but that shouldn’t stop you from thinking about the big picture.

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