Tata’s five-point prescription to make India a superpower

Read this article sometime back which talked about successful Indian businessman Ratan Tata, chairman of Tata group meeting with student of his alma-mater and answering their questions. There he talked about this quite feasible and very well achievable five-point agenda which can make India a superpower –


  1. Enforce policy in an unbiased manner. "The best ad I’ve seen on TV in recent times is, ‘Malum hai mera baap kaun hai?"
  2. Maintain high standards in everything. "Four hours away, in Dubai, the roads and buildings are better finished, because their standards are high."
  3. Conduct business fairly. "A level playing field doesn’t seem to exist in India."
  4. Corruption has to be weeded out at all levels.
  5. Take the long view. "By the time we build an airport it becomes obsolete; when we finish constructing a road, it is already congested."

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