The Illusionist and RocknRolla

Two suspense movies.


The Illusionist is one of those rare movie which I watched without even saying a single word during the extreme boring middle part of this interesting going movie. That was because it still keeps you glued to not to think about anything else and in the end, it make you realize that you actually got full value for your time and money.


When this movie was about to finish, they show one probable end which is quite acceptable and after couple of seconds, actual end just makes you keep your mouth open. Very well finished as they say – make a rocking beginning and finish it with equal swing. Recommended for those who think that they can survive any movie till its end to find an ending better than any other movie they have seen.


Rating: 7/10


RocknRolla is another example of blockbuster stuff with extremely slow start and very steady middle part but the finale of such movies brings you to the stage sliding you from front seat you are sitting at.


Rating: 6/10

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