A Few Good Men and My Best Friend’s Girl

A Few Good Men is about selection of one out of two right ways, specifically when you are serving in army. It is as good as its Hindi remake Shaurya was appreciated, starring Rahul Bose. Those service men carry the heaviest load among all countrymen to keep secrets, act on un-actable commands and then bear the consequences if those commands are not followed under proper conscience. This movie is thrilling.


Rating: 8/10



My Best Friend’s Girl is about a new idea in romance arena which can bring your girl back to you provided you bring a really crappy guy in between those two phases of breaking up and making up. In this movie, role of that crappy guy is performed by Dane Cook who seems to have achieved perfection in such kind of romantic roles filled with new ideas. He repeats with equal grace what he did in Good Luck Chuck. All the actors have performed great and script is also outstanding provided it is about the experimenting new love idea which may have failed but not.

In fact I felt like testing same kind of idea with one of my real life dates…alas this movie had been made by that time!!


Rating: 7/10

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