WordPress blog spam messages

Not sure if I am going to drive more spam by posting this stuff but wanted to make other WordPress bloggers aware about the type of spam messages I have been receiving recently. I was overwhelmed to receive comments more than expected ever on this blog in a single day. Though it was really a good feeling but I thought of better informing others about the reason behind this over-flowing happiness. These messages look relevant to any kind of post and hence one may get feeling as if they are posted by a real human.


Following are the spam messages which I received recently (every message for multiple posts) and was marked spam instantly –


Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.


The main idea of it is understandable, but I still think their are some changes that would be required for it to work.


Very enthusiastic and motivational. I find this post very good, and I will definately reference it for future readings aswell. I will also digg this, for the convenience of having other people finding a useful article on businesses of your kind.


I’ve generally read over this article, and I find some of the things you’ve displayed very hard to recognise. Please elaborate on that more, and then contact me back at http://directorysubmissionservice.in/. I’m hoping to subscribe, and find something to read – but I just can’t seem to like things that aren’t very detailed.

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