Species The Awakening, American Beauty, Oh My God, Roadside Romeo and Snow Angels

Species The Awakening isn’t that good, rather a sheer waste of time. No story and poor dialogues make this movie very weak.


Rating: 1/10


American Beauty – As name goes, I was interested in watching this movie for quite some time but didn’t find it so good. A movie about infatuation and how it hurts everyone around. So better control your feelings in constructive way.


Rating: 6/10


Oh My God – A movie starring Vinay Pathak released in year 2008 but not promoted. That’s the reason many people haven’t heard of this movie though it is a masterpiece. A beautiful movie on very general subject – lust for money. The center event is the scheme for networking to make money and there is God helping Vinay to understand the true lesson of life. Truly said as looks in movie – God proposes and Dubey disposes. Direction is quite poor and that makes movie go a little bit hazy.


Rating: 6/10


Roadside Romeo – It is best animated movie ever made in India and that it because it has got good direction, action and music. Everything is superb from point of view of an animated movie being released in India. You remain stuck to your seat throughout this 85 minute movie though it gets slow in between for short duration. Also the story is based on same old bollywood masala, nothing new though worth watched while cartoons performing the same!!


Rating: 6/10


Snow Angels – A movie on typical American lifestyle drove up to its limits.


Rating: 5/10

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