Children of a Professional

This talk popped up over one of our lunch discussions. P1 came up with this subject that some children are born lucky to get easy going in their profession just because their parents are in the same profession. They make contacts easily and rise higher in ladder very soon as compared to others.


So P1 was trying to say that you get a Godfather in your own father if he is a professional.


P2 tried to be a little meaningful saying that actually when children grow up with such parents, they tend to inherit those qualities and interests. Also perhaps parents want them to come in the same field, deep in their hearts and hence keep helping their children to learn as much as they can. So such children have already acquired necessary prerequisites by the time they are in position to decide a field of action.


P3 gave example of his child that his boy already keeps playing around PC when he is around 3-4 years old and knows lot of thing. Hence he might be growing up like him.


P4 just nodded saying few words agreeing with P3.


P1 said that yes possibly it is every child that should go along the profession of parents. P2, P3 and P4 tried to agree with that.


P5 who was listening this whole conversation didn’t say anything but kept thinking that how brave those children are or would be, who choose their own path and excel despite the professional their parents were in. I got reminded of Rajat Singhal.

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