Burn After Reading

After watching Burn After Reading, I wasn’t sure if it is a comedy, crime or a mystery which revolves around clueless grounds most of the times. All I knew before watching this movie was that it is starring Clooney, Malkovich and Pitt which meant to be a good flick but it didn’t turn out to be.


Burn After Reading


75% of the movie keeps you guessing what is happening and in rest of the 25% time, you realize that whatever was happening wasn’t anything serious but it was a comedy. At least one actor lived up to his role – Brad Pitt, although his role was the shortest among three. Others, I am still confused if they chose their role after serious consideration. Story has been amalgamated so much that by the end, you find everyone is related to every other one and that’s what baffles you.


Rating: 2/10

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