Caution: this might appear a very loose post as it is being written in very incautious state of mind but I think point is well made, anyway.


I like to read only those blogs by Indians who write it with Indian mindset and not from perspective of being a foreigner or I consider them as foreigner as such and don’t expect much dedicated Indian stuff from their blogs. And therefore, I had stopped/dropped reading Vantage point long back – a figure which had appeared as revolt figure for Indians at some point but then preferred to go out of this country…


The primary author of this blog is a person named Gaurav Sabnis whom I had been reading before he had made a larger than life decision in 2006 by leaving his org which asked him to change his principals. He preferred to leave his org than hiding the truth. That was good part, rather inspirational for many. Later came to know that he went out to pursue PhD and never returned after more than 2 years. Nor he could keep up with his writing style for Indians. So no more admiration from another fellow Indian for a guy who once appeared to be concerned about the future of this country. Also I don’t think that I would I be reading any IIM Alumni blogs in future, as this one was the last in that category.

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