Chandigarh from eyes of first timer

Known as City Beautiful or City of veterans, Chandigarh is a city full of flowers, trees and still clean or should I call it a Clean and Green city.


Safety wise, when it is called as Old-Men’s city, it maintains that status. I have seen traffic rules being followed more strictly than any other city in India (and still I managed not get even a single ticket so far!). You can’t drive above 60 km/hour (0.621 miles/hour) throughout the city (I can understand how restrictive that would feel to guys who have been accustomed to drive 110 km/hour over highways, being one of them). Helmet is compulsory for two-wheeler motor-cyclists. What else, there are traffic lights even at places where you can’t expect traffic at all.

But one issue I have heard and not encountered is that here traffic police is a bit partial to those from other states than Punjab. If nothing else, those bikers are given tickets for over-speeding (umm if not figured out, I also bear number plate of Haryana) but still, I am not having any personal experience in this matter although have been facing rough Punjabi drivers every other day.


A city designed by a famous French Architect and known as best planned city of country.


All I can say is, I am in love with this city except the land-lords (why are they same everywhere…be it Bangalore, Gurgaon, Chandigarh or Mohali)!


In the end, I am in Punjab – my home-state. A place where you can get Lassi and Makhan with meal anytime anywhere (being a typical Punjabi, I accept that I have been missing this for more than three years). Another typical thing about Punjab is that here exist more outspoken people than any other state…HA.

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