keep off the grass

Got an invitation from author (Karan Bajaj) of this upcoming book (keep off the grass) to read which is story of 3 friends from another institute with II (Indian Institute) tag. There was Five Point Someone which I read but not liked and now here is another book on the same lines inspired from same kinda lifestyle (study, humor, drinks, disobedient, carelessness) including more excitement with the introduction of filthy guy, marijuana (remember the late 60’s movie with same title as of book?) and drugs. Here is the tag-line:


A hilarious drug infused roller coaster ride from IIM to the
Himalayas to Benares and prison…Delightfully satisfying


Nah I don’t want to go for it. I have developed a very specific taste by now which is very difficult to understand at times, as far as I imagine. Not the novels, at least!

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