Dig for Information

One sentence I always keep saying to myself and to people around is that this world too small in terms of size and too big in terms of knowledge.


Explaining that, you are always aware of what you want to know but the universe around you is always overflowing with lot of data and it is quite difficult to search for the kind of information you are looking out for. Sometimes such kind of raw details keeps us busy and waste 80% of our time and only rest of 20% time is spent in gathering useful information. Further there is only 20% of this information which really helps you to progress whereas 80% of this either proves to be outdated or just manages to keep your present stage alive. In conclusion it makes a Three Dimensional Matrix of Time, Data/Information and Usefulness. Time is distributed with Data/Information on two axis with 80% of time allocated to Data and 20% of it to Information. Further on third axis, Information is distributed as per the usefulness of information which results into only 20% of productivity.


Keep trying to narrow down your thought and approach on that 20%.


Ah the 80-20 Rule

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