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This post is about the way that followed by me here in the heart of Silicon Valley to reach my workplace from the place I live at. I was wondering that I haven’t blogged about it even after spending almost 45 days here and changing quite much of my lifestyle. Presently I am staying at San Jose and my office is in Sunnyvale (1213 Innsbruck Drive, Sunnyvale). It takes 30 minutes from my place to CashEdge.


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I do jogging almost everyday from my apartment (60 Descanso Drive, Tasman, San Jose) to the VTA Light Rail station at Tasman (not because I am fitness freak but because I am running late most of the times šŸ˜‰ ). It takes 5 minutes to me which is a 10 minute walk anyway. Mountain View – Winchester Light Rail takes 15 minutes to reach at destination station – Crossman. From there, it is 10 minute walking distance to office which completes the track. The speciality about the everyday Light Rail travel is that both of the stations have suffix – man. Secondly, we come out and get into the rail from left side of stops (all four stops) only although there are right side stops on the way too! We always get the seat (rather two – joint) and never got into situation where we had to stand. There are few interesting stops on the way where rail always stops – Fair Oaks, Lick Mill and Crossman, of course. These are the few things which make me start the day afresh.


There is another station in opposite direction from Tasman towards San Jose Downtown which includes a stop named Karina! We get to watch a movie almost every night and also the ongoing test cricket series with wall-projection of Prashant’s projector with surrounded speakers. So far, have watched The Transporter (2/10), Transporter 2 (6/10) and Halla Bol (7/10). I think this kind of schedule other than day job is quite lascivious!

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