iPhone delay

Sometimes delays are good as it appears in case of iPhone. If it wasn’t in very first weeks, it was better than those who bought iPhone who are now whining for dropped iPhone prices.


I think it is good to wait for sometime to get the idea as the Steven says –

As the generation that has grown up on eBay, Priceline and day-trading on Nasdaq, you should have developed at least a rudimentary understanding of markets — willing buyers and willing sellers and all that.

Of course, that is something which every cautious buyer is supposed to possess – sense of markets and that too, when there were claims about unlocking the iPhones even before it was launched. And if you have any clue, Indians were offering it at much lower price as compared to rest of the world which was around Rs 1000 / $25 approx.


Here is someone who criticizes Steve Jobs for not being fair at all!!

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