Valleywag editor over Wired

Nick Douglas has posted his first article for Wired as a contributor to current issue of magazine. the article is titled How to Tweak Your iPhone to Impress Buddies, Mom, and the Boss and contains tips for impressing people around you which are picked very carefully and sureshot.


For example, to impress a gal / guy, he writes,


Add to your music: Air, Massive Attack, and the Magnetic Fields. The first two bands play make-out music; the last shows you’ve evolved a sense of humor about romance.


And to impress your buddies

Set wallpaper to: A picture of your last hot date. Can’t remember your last date? Use Google image search and pretend.

Add to your photos: Images of your last hot date, half undressed.


To impress an interviewer,

Add to your movies: A few episodes of The Office. It’s the perfect chance to chuckle about some mildly inappropriate Steve Carell behavior that is particularly funny to you, O Well-Behaved One.

Set Google Maps to: Your future commute.


For your mom,


Set wallpaper to: You and the family ? or at least your favorite childhood pet.


Interesting article to have a look at. Seems like he can write some meaningful stuff, when required!!



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