$15000 per week secret

That’s quite big amount and that too per week – I wont like to be hated if I can make this much money as a spammer for years :). And then write a book to reveal the secrets so that others can also make money in your way – knowledge sharing isn’t that bad thing :).


This is what a Former Spammer has done. He started spam at the age of 17 after getting expelled from school and made money till the age of 22 – total 5 years.


Yahoo! News has published the complete story about this spammer – a good read.


He spent 10 hours a day, seven days a week studying how to send spam and avoid filtering technologies in security software designed to weed out garbage e-mail. Most spam filters are effective 99 percent of the time; he aimed for that remaining window, using tricks such as including slightly different images in his spam, which can fool filters into thinking the e-mail is legitimate.


He rationalized his actions by saying spamming is not like robbing someone, although the lurid impact of spam was clear. Some nine million Americans have some dependence on prescription drugs, Ed said, and he noticed that the same people were buying different drugs each month. “These were addicts,” he said.


So Ed got out of the business. He’s written a book, “Inside the Spam Cartel: Trade Secrets from the Dark Side,” which he said has had some take-up in law enforcement circles eager to learn more about the spam business, which he projects will only get worse.

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