Dialogues from Sivaji The Boss

I couldn’t control myself from bursting into laughs after reading these few dialogues (translated from Tamil to English) from latest flick of Rajnikanth – The superstar. There are lot of action scenes from his movies which still make us giggle and many times, he keeps repeating his hit dialogues from other movies but here are the original ones –


After six, there’s seven, after Sivaji there’s heaven.

If Sachin hits it’s sixer, if Sivaji hits it’s stretcher.

And here’s the killer:

If you cross Chittod, there’s Katpadi, if you cross Sivaji there’s dead body.



And here is what makeup can do at its best –


Rajnikanth After Makeup


It can convert anyone into star 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dialogues from Sivaji The Boss”

  1. Hi, im tamilan, ur first two dialogues are not translated correctly…

    dia 1, its not “heaven”, its “evaan” means “who”.

    dia 2, its not “stretcher”, its “puncture”.

    And for a 60 year old, he looks great.

    Sivaji is one his best for the past decade, his films from 80s n early 90s were the best though.

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