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If you used to dump all your photos over Yahoo! Photos in past before Picasa or anything else came, and now, when Yahoo! Photos is closing, you don’t want to move all your photos to any of the websites/methods offered by Yahoo! Photos team, there is a tool to help you out for downloading all the photos in one go. You can even download the photos album-wise but one word of precaution – don’t expect to much from this tool. You should be thankful to the developer that at least, such tool exists.


yahoo! photos closing2


The name of tool is  – Download Yahoo! Photos (DYP in short) which is developed using the Yahoo! Photos API. It helps you in bringing all the photos from your Yahoo! Photos albums at one place and you can download them by right clicking or ‘Save Page As’ option of web-browser. But if you do ‘Save Page As’, you will be losing original file names of photos (I had told you – don’t expect much).

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