Why they like reading books (Confusion about Books and Girls)

Why they like reading books when I never even felt like reading them ever after my studies got over.


girl with book  


Which ever girl I ever befriended, one of her hobbies always included reading books which disappointingly also made me getting into reading habit although I got away with as small as Five Point Someone for rest of my life, because that book happens to be favorite of 99.97% girls on this planet 🙂


But books :shiftyeyes:…Yike…as Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes) says –

I was born intelligent, But education ruined me!

2 thoughts on “Why they like reading books (Confusion about Books and Girls)”

  1. Well..trying reading book this time…and may be by your expressions..others may stop reading them….you see credit would go to you for changing their hobbies 🙂

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