Visual Delicious Navigation

6pli provides you nice envisaging of


It takes as input an account and then presents the visualization on the basis of different tags and links in that account in 3-D space. Further, you can browse through those links to come up with integrated environment. You can view the diagram in different types – elastic net 3D, elastic net 2D or circles 2D.




There is nice aggregation of tags and links shown over the same page which can further be navigated/drilled down using tags and the links. Also, when you roll-over your mouse over any link, more data related to that link is displayed.


Presently 6pli is in alpha mode and you can just browse through the links provided over the website or you can opt to become an alpha tester by sending a message to the email ID provided over the website.


To me, it appeared much like Swarm for Digg.

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