Apple corrects mistakes about iPhone but still overlooks in comparison with Nokia N95, Samsung Blackjack, Blackberry Curve 8300 and Palm Treo 750

Gizmodo reported about recent goof-up from Apple when it showed Wi-Fi missing from Nokia N95 mobile phone in comparison of Apple’s own iPhone with the other leading phones in market.


Here is the specification which was there before the mistake was corrected. It showed that Nokia N95 doesn’t have Wi-Fi capability –




And here is the one after Apple corrected its mistake –




You can find the updated document here.


Also Scoble writes about the features which are not compared in the comparison chart as these are the features which are missing in iPhone. Some of them are –

  • Replaceable battery (although they have clearly written about it on their iPhone website in foot-note)
  • Swapable SIM card capability (unlocked, use with any carrier)
  • GPS
  • Keyboard you can use without looking at the phone
  • Flash application compatibility
  • Offline internet connected applications


But my question is if Apple has mentioned all those iPhone features which are on its side, then does it think that having a Glass Display Surface is an advantage for iPhone?

In my view, that will be the biggest point for people like me to go off iPhone, who drop cell at-least twice a day from a minimum height of 45-50 inches.

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