Yahoo! Photos Closing Date announced

The Closing Date for Yahoo! Photos has been announced and it is September 20, 2007 – 98 days left.


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Yahoo! had announced the closing of Yahoo! Photos about a month ago asking users to migrate other Yahoo! owned service – Flickr and today, it is announced that closing date. The announcement comes just after 2 days of Flickr going multi-lingual (Zooomr way).



yahoo! photos closing



Yahoo! is giving 3 options for migrating your photos –

  1. Move photos to other photo hosting services which include – Flickr, snapfish, Kodak Gallery, photobucket and shutterfly. There are links provided to each of the services which guide you for moving your photos to those Photo Sharing websites.
  2. Second option is to download your photos one by one which is suggested for 20 or fewer pictures in account.
  3. Last option is to buy an archive CD which costs you about 6.95 USD plus shipping charges (4.99 USD for international).

As far as I know, most of my friends are either hosting their photos on Yahoo! Photos or Picasa Web Albums. There are very few hosting their photos over Flickr. In my view, Yahoo! should had been providing a mechanism for exporting photos hosted over Yahoo! Photos to Picasa Web Albums.





Anyway, as far as features and services are concerned, exporting photos to Flickr seems the best option to me to move your pictures out of Yahoo! photos.

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