eBay acquired StumbleUpon Officially

eBay has officially announced today that it has acquired StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is a service which helps people discover new stuff over web by hopping over random websites based on particular categories / interests.


Here is excerpt –


eBay Acquires StumbleUpon


eBay Inc. (Nasdaq:EBAYNews) today announced it has acquired StumbleUpon, an early-stage company that helps people discover and share content online, for an aggregate transaction value of approximately $75 million. This acquisition will provide eBay with in-depth exposure to a fast-growing community-based service with approximately 2.3 million users. StumbleUpon gives people a new way to discover relevant and entertaining content based on personal preferences and community recommendations.


If you use Firefox, you can find StumbleUpon extension quite useful.

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