News reporting offshored to India

After IT and Customer support, news is the next hot thing going to be offshored to India. California based newspaper, Pasadena Now is outsourcing news reporting to India.


The medium is our same old, Internet ;M) – the news are communicated from one shore to other online, in real time.


Let us see, how seriously Indian journalists grab this opportunity.


Here goes the advertisement –





We seek a newspaper journalist based in India to report on the city government and political scene of Pasadena, California, USA. Due to California’s public access laws, virtually all relevant government documents and meetings are available on the internet. Additionally, staff in Pasadena will video, tape record, and photograph meetings and interviews which will be sent to India via email. We propose to work closely with you to direct you to the issues, research, and references in order for you to carefully watch, analyze, and report upon the city’s affairs.


Production: We seek one to two 500-word articles each day Monday through Friday (depending on news that is occuring) PLUS two weekly in-depth Special Reports which focus on the City Council’s weekly Council Meeting (the City Council is our city’s governing body, it meets every Monday night). The first weekly Special Report should appear each Friday and previews the upcoming Council meeting. The second weekly report should appear each Tursday and reports on the actions which occurred during the Council meeting. The Council meeting is televised on the Internet.

For this we will pay you 40-hour per week salary plus recompense for international telephone calls.

We do not believe that geographic distance betwen California and India will present unsurmountable problems, and that working together with you will result in your development of a keen working knowledge of this City’s affairs. This will result in accurate and authoritative News reports.

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