Sun coming up in competition with AJAX

Sun Microsystems is said to have developed an application for consumer devices which is Java based with consumer at center-stage. It is a scripting language named JavaFX Script. It would be an open-source and supposed to be targeting small-devices like set-top boxes or the web-browsers.


JavaFX Script is a scripting language that’s designed to be more productive and easier than Java, but also closely integrated with it. Developers can use JavaFX Script and write applications that run on Java-equipped PCs or mobile phones.


Sun Microsystems might be releasing the source code of JavaFX Script which appears to be very much like AJAX in the functionality and hence, can be a tough competition for AJAX.


Sun is expected to reveal this technology in Java One Conference today.


Update: Sun Microsystems has released the JavaFX and also details of JavaFX have been pinned in. IT IS A SCRIPTING LANGUAGE with same tag line as was for Java –

write once, run anywhere

I love this line!



The intent is simple: to stake the Java community’s natural claim to lead the debate surrounding rich internet applications at the heart of Web 2.0.



Same is what Microsoft and Adobe have been coming up with Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash with Flex respectively.

Like all of Java, JavaFX Script will be available via the GPL license.


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