Geek ways to save 5 hours a day

There are tips to save lot of hours in a day by thinking as a software developer.

I’m going to tell you how to think like a software developer or IT admin — to recode your habits and gain five hours of extra time, every day. That’s more than two extra months per year!

So, according to the writer, software developers make to great managers…hmm.



Here are the points which are explained over article –


  1. Hour one: Use the Web to Cut TV
  2. Hour two: Packet-Filter Online Time
  3. Hour three: Create a Reading and Exercise Mashup
  4. Hour four: Optimize your schedule for faster processing
  5. Hour five: Debug your commute


I couldn’t nod with point 4 which says that you need to go to bed early and then get up early in morning – who said that it is a geek way of saving time? Although he says –

By spending three hours working when others are not, you’ll enjoy vastly superior productivity without interruptions from meetings, calls and e-mail.

But that time is the mid-night for geeks and not the early morning (yukkkkk)…ask from Manas and he can explain it much better or even I myself ;M).

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