First Trillion Pixel image

Aperio has come up with world’s first image with trillion pixels breaking the record of 4GB file-size limit of TIFF image format. It has released its own latest digital pathology imaging file format to the open source software community. And to debut with this technology, they have come up with world’s first terapixel image of pathology slides. Aperio is Digital Pathology specialist firm.


Aperio Implements BigTIFF, Donates Enhancements to Public Domain


Aperio Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of digital pathology systems and services for the healthcare and life sciences industry, is pleased to announce it has implemented support for BigTIFF – Tagged Image File Format for files which are larger than 4 gigabytes – across all its products and systems. This enhancement to the TIFF standard enables image files larger than 4GB to be created and processed, in a backward-compatible fashion. As part of its commitment to open standards, Aperio has donated these enhancements to the public domain, and is working with the TIFF standards body to incorporate them into a future standard release.



“This enhancement makes it possible to create very large high resolution digitized images of bone marrow and peripheral blood smears as part of my work with Aperio’s new high power oil immersion ScanScopes,” stated Douglas Tkachuk, MD and Associate Professor at the University of Toronto.


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