Boring Corporate Life

Sometimes it feels too bored when you don’t have any company party for four long months, there is no indoor game facility and the only sport – outdoor one, has also faded out with last match played one month ago.


All work, no play, at times, doesn’t not pay well!


I and Amit were discussing the importance of indoor games on other day. They helps a lot – employees as well as organization.


Here are somethings that I have collected after keeping discussing with my corporate rambling partners, which should be there other than quality work, for an employee to be completely satisfied:


A company should be providing its employees better playing facilities, specially in-door games (I would recommend – Table Tennis, Chess or Carom) to play.


More food should be provided and that too, completely free (the one thing that came to my mind about Google when it was declared best company to work at for 2007).


Fast and unlimited Internet access should be provided without any checks – it really improves morale employees specially when they don’t have to think before downloading the best of development tools for improving the efficiency without thinking for even a fraction of second about the download limit evils.


Party party party and it will distress those rabbits more than something else.


Encourage music listening – for some weird reason.


Provide free facilities or charge minimal!


Till now, I think it is enough.

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