Website will go in invisible mode

This website – may go in invisible mode for few days and you may land at 404 page while looking out for something. This website has been running out of senses under the influence of sudden increase in number of visitors since last one month causing the serious bandwidth problems(all thanks to Search Engines especially Google 🙂 ). I love more and more visitors and therefore I am shifting to giant web-hosting servers which are providing me more than thousand times of my present bandwidth at a marginal cost hike.


Therefore, while complete care is being taken to have smooth transition, if the present hosting service remains there for more than 2-3 days out of estimated 7 days of transition, this website will be going out of Internet and Blogosphere for a moment.


So please bear with me and wait for good times and they are not going to last after that. I am also getting GBs of space for my this personal website and therefore, I will be bringing lot more stuff in coming days after next Tuesday i.e. March 27, 2007 provided I will be out of cold blues and work will be as usual with not much pressures. You never know when you are going to get lot of work and I love work more than anything else – but during week days only ;).


I have also been missing blogging a lot now a days. Moreover I am concerned about another website which was launched few months ago and had invited me as guest blogger (you can have a look at their Contributors page). It is a blogging website on Cricket World Cup 2007 – yes my favorite sport and therefore when I was invited, I NO wasn’t any option but I disclose my every participation here on this blog. I am doing it without any monetary benefits…in fact I never made money from blogging thing. Money comes to me only from my regular job. Cricket World Cup 2007 website is growing like anything but I was able to do just single post – I am really sorry Anirudh but you never know when I am gonna make a blast. Anirudh is webmaster of (I mentioned about this website sometime ago over my blog). He is very nice guy who helped me in searching out for new hosting service.


A little bit of personal update which you might or might not be interested in knowing. I am doing experimentation with my newly grown moustache. Although there has been lot of criticism but I have also been complimented by few. I have completed a year and two months at Gurgaon. In our garden at home of bachelors, for first time, few flowers have blossomed including rose – Valentine’s Day missed it by small margin :D. As I mentioned above, that I am planning for including new stuff over this website, first thing that I am going to do is to host Photo Gallery locally over this website – Let us see when it goes live. I am going for new laptop, a laptop with latest and almost greatest configuration :). I have worked on the details but all I am searching for is someone returning from US in these days because this configuration is available in US market only. Ramu is bringing his own. Therefore if you have any other suggestion, you can drop down in my inbox, comments or at my seat any time. Everything decided and very soon, I will be having a new shiny laptop in my hands – sometimes you really think of utilizing the company bonus :P.


Well, then, CIAO and will be back after intentional LONG BREAK :(.

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