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I started my next love affair few days back – in fact on Valentine’s day. It is a new Web application which involves the interaction with COM Object using Java and AJAX as the interface between the two. Believe me it takes your soul out when you have to establish this connectivity and you can’t remain quite and polite.


I am running too hot (you can spell it crazy/angry) these days looking inside the code, loops and gulping tens of cuppa coffee everyday. Thanks to all those who are helping me in all this motivating me, guiding and patting at back. Will mention all credits after I am over with the THING which is already existing under the tag – Nightly Build. Now, I am finalizing it and it is driving me mad.


There will be considerable drop in my posts for at least one week as I will be all busy in shaping up the THING for its first release because when I am busy, 80-20 rule doesn’t apply to me.

I am all busy and on rampant (I just love this word :)).



But still I am trying to keep myself Innocent 🙄


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