Digg top users down and up somewhere else

Digg brought down its well known top user list with a big lengthy post by Kevin Rose on Official blog which was concluded like –

So what does this all mean? After considerable internal debate and discussion with many of those who make up the Top Digger list, we’ve decided to remove the list beginning tomorrow. As for what’s next, we’re currently working on designing and refining the technologies required that will help enable our nearly 900,000 registered users to make real connections that we believe will greatly enhance the Digg experience – whether you’re brand new to the site or have been on Digg since the beginning. We plan on rolling this out in the coming months along with features and programs that do a better job of rewarding positive contributions to the Digg community.


And it was brought up by a Digg lover named Christopher Finke, a developer at Netscape – Top 100 Diggers. He says as follows –

This page is not affiliated with Digg Inc. in any way, except for the fact that it displays information about Digg and its top users. This list is compiled by Christopher Finke, and it is updated twice per day using publicly available information. This list is made available for no other reason than to recognize the time spent and effort contributed by the individuals listed below.

He also says that he is not doing it for any monetary gain and if Digg specifically asked him to take it down, he’ll comply.

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